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In this article, we are going to learn some basics of pneumatics like What Pneumatics can do and the properties of Compressed air.

In a fluid power system, using pressurized liquid or gas the energy can be transmitted or controlled.

But in Pneumatics, the air is used. This air comes from the atmosphere and the air is compressed thus to increase its pressure. When it comes to pneumatics, adequate knowledge and understanding of pneumatic components are necessary.

To integrate an efficient working system one should also understand the functions of the pneumatic components.

When it comes to compressed air, it is used mainly on a piston or vane. Compressed air or pressurized air (energy) can be used in many facets of the industry.

What can Pneumatics do?

Compressed air has limitless applications like it is used in Air brakes on buses and trucks, the multiplicity of linear and rotary motions on robotic process machines, and the high forces required for pneumatic presses and concrete breaking pneumatic drills.

This shortlist shows the versatility and variety of pneumatic control at work, it is a continuously expanding industry.

  • Used in operation system valves of air, water, and chemicals.
  • Spray Painting
spray Painting
Spray Painting
  • Pneumatic Robots
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Processing Industries such as chemical, petrochemical, food processing, textiles, paper, printing, etc.
  • Used in Woodworking machinery
Woodworking Machinery
Woodworking Machinery
  • Dental Drills
  • Unloading in construction sites
  • Petroleum Markets
  • Coolant systems
  • Car washes
  • Opening and closing the doors
  • Clamping
  • Assembly Systems

There are many more applications of pneumatics used in various other industries. These are only a few mentioned here.

Properties Of Compressed Air

To understand pneumatics, we need to know the properties of Compressed air, as pneumatics is all about compressed air.

  • Availability: Most factories and industrial plants have a compressed air supply in working areas, and portable compressors can serve more remote situations.
  • Storage: The compressed air can be stored in a large volume if required.
  • The simplicity of Design and Control: Pneumatic Components are a simple design and are easily fitted to provide extensive automated systems with comparatively simple control.
  • Movement: If offers both linear and angular rotation with simple and continuously variable operational speeds.
  • Economy: The installation cost is low and the low maintenance cost is due to the long working life without service.
  • Reliability: Pneumatic components have a long working life resulting in high system reliability.
  • Resistance to the environment: It is unaffected in high temperature, dusty, and corrosive atmosphere in which other systems may fail.
  • Environmentally Clean: This is environmentally friendly as it is clean and with proper exhaust air treatment and can be installed to clean room standards.
  • Safety: Safety issues are minimized like Fire hazards unaffected by overload as actuators simply stall or slip Pneumatic actuators do not produce heat.

So this is all about some of the basics of pneumatics. What pneumatics can do and the properties of compressed air. Hope you find this article helpful.

Thank You.

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