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mist separator

Mist Separator

Mist eliminators ensure clean, oil-free exhaust air. As particles are removed, what is left behind is clean uncontaminated air. A mist separator operates by using the coalescing effect inside a filtering unit. Once here, the fine oil droplets join with larger droplets and are retained in the fibers. 


  1.  Removes oil, water droplets, and solid contaminants from compressed air.
  2.  Used for high efficient filtration of compressed air, removing fine oil particles and droplets 

Features of Mist Separator

  1. Special filtering element
  2. 99.99% compressed filtered air 
  3. Suitable for Modular mounting
  4. Polycarbonate bowl and guard for better visibility
  5. Press type with auto drain feature for easy operation
  6. Separator for efficient moisture separation

Mist Separators are used in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food processing industry, Paint shops, and for other precision pneumatic systems.