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Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valve are part of the quarter-turn valve family and function similarly to ball valves. A disc is linked to a rod as the “butterfly.” When the rod turns the disc a quarter turn perpendicular to the flow direction, it shuts. The disc is rolled back to enable flow when the valve opens.

Butterfly valves are useful for on-off or modulating services because of their lightweight, compact installation footprint, cheaper prices, rapid operation, and vast size availability. Handles, gears, and automated actuators can all be used to operate these valves.

Features of Butterfly Valves:

  1. Bi-directional zero leakage butterfly valve.
  2. Accurate dual stem sealing prevents leakage.
  3. ISO Pad for mounting, Gear Operator / Actuator.
  4. Design standard: ISO 5211, API 609, ASME B16.5 150#
  5. Operator: Hand Lever / Gear / Actuator.
  6. Butterfly Valves can be mounted between flanges as per ASME, BS-10.
  7. End Connection: Wafer end
  8. Extremely small play between the stem and disc due to ‘Double D’ drive.
  9. 360-degree disc rotation.


Valve Information

  1. End connection: Wafer – API 609 (CAT – A)
  2. Body Material: Cast Iron, WCB, SS304, SS316
  3. Leakage class: 100% tightness at fully differential pressure.

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