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round body cylinder

Round Body Cylinder

Pneumatic Cylinder with round body shape fits in small spaces and has a sleek design. Round body cylinders are available in single acting and double acting types. Round body cylinders are generally crimped and come with a stainless steel tube/aluminum tube and aluminum end caps. This type of cylinder offers a wide variety of bore sizes and mounting applications to fit all different types of applications.

These cylinders come with or without a built-in magnet to suit reed switches. Air cushioning can also be added to it for controlling the jerky movement of the piston rod. This range of cylinders also comprises ISO Compliant cylinders

At the core of a pneumatic system, lies the Round Body cylinder that works tirelessly and delivers results with perfection.

Round Body pneumatic cylinders are perfect for industrial use with versatile applications and economical usage capabilities.

Features of Round Body Cylinder :

  1. Stainless steel pistons for corrosion resistance.
  2. Lubricated and ready for use.
  3. Rod bushings for longer life.
  4. Unified body construction for durability.