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5/3 way double solenoid valves

5/3 Way Double Solenoid Valves

A 5/3 way double solenoid valves has one input, two output, and two exhaust ports, also known as a 5-port, 3-position double solenoid directional control valve. The double-solenoid valve has no spring return function.

When a coil is activated, it achieves a position, and when it is de-energized, it returns to a mid-position. The other coil must be energized to attain a different position, and when it de-energizes, it returns to the mid-position.

In this type of valve, the position is achieved by energizing the coils.

The mid-position of 5/3 way double solenoid valves might be closed-center, exhaust center, or pressure center.

Closed Center – Air cannot flow from the actuator port or the exhaust port while the center is closed. All of the ports, including the input, output, and exhaust, are blocked or closed. The air cylinder cannot be accessed through the valve, and the cylinder cannot be accessed through the valve. As a result, the air cylinder’s movement will come to a halt. In other words, no air can enter or exit the cylinder, and it comes to a halt.

Exhaust Center – The supply line to the valve is stopped in this state, and both cylinder ports are open to the exhaust through the valve. When using this sort of spool, it is hoped that when the valve is at rest, it will be necessary to manually move the cylinder rod or use another mechanism to move the rod. This is easy to happen since there is no air on either side of the piston inside the cylinder.

Pressure Center – Air will flow from the supply to both output ports and the exhaust ports will be blocked in this condition. When the valve is at rest, this position is used to ensure that air is present on both sides of the air cylinder. The end of the rod can be kept in one place by applying pressure to both sides of the piston inside a cylinder.

The spool of this three-position valve may be set to stop in the middle position to achieve a specific aim. To get the required effect, one of the three spool locations is chosen.

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