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quick exhaust valves

Quick Exhaust Valves

Pneumatic quick exhaust valves are used in conjunction with pneumatic cylinders to increase speed and to lower backpressure. The use of these valves improves system performance.

To enhance speed and minimize backpressure, pneumatic rapid exhaust valves are utilized in combination with pneumatic cylinders. The usage of these valves enhances the efficiency of the system.

These are fitted at the rod or blind end of a pneumatic cylinder to allow the equipment to be extended and retracted quickly. It works by boosting the speed of the pneumatic cylinder’s rod to directly discharge exhaust air through the cylinder’s port.

These are extremely useful fittings that may be used to accelerate the cycle speed of a pneumatic cylinder in a variety of industries. They do this by enabling air from the pneumatic cylinder to be sent into the atmosphere rather than flowing back through the valve, which would slow down the operation.