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Push In Fittings

Push in fittings, also known as push-to-connect or one-touch fittings, allow you to join hoses in your compressed air system without leaking.

The fast-release method on push-to-connect fittings enables straightforward installation by hand, without the use of tools or glue. It enables regular airline changes at a lesser cost due to the simplicity of attaching and detaching airlines.

Push-in fittings exist in a variety of tube diameters ranging from 2mm to 16mm, connectors, and thread combinations ranging from M5 to 1/2 inch to meet your needs.

Push in fittings are utilized in a variety of compressed air systems, although they’re most frequently used in applications having pneumatic cylinders, tools, and other accessories.

Features of Push-In Fittings:

  1. Industrial Grade Quality
  2. Variety of Fittings
  3. Easy Installation
  4. Reusable
  5. High Flow Rates