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hydraulic hose

Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic Hose is crucial for the smooth functioning of any hydraulic system. Our hoses are capable of conveying fluids at a high temperature and pressure.

Customisable hydraulic hoses at Ammar Industrial Corporation make it possible for you to get the exact dimension and specification for the task you require it for.


Specifications of Hydraulic Hose:

  1. It is mainly used to carry out the passing of the liquids at high temperature and pressure.
  2. Tube : Oil resistant synthetic rubber.
  3. Reinforcement Range : 1 to 6 high tensile steel wire braids.
  4. Cover : Abrasion and weather resistant sythetic rubber
  5. Temperature range : -400C to +1200C
  6. Size range : Starts from 1/4″ bore to 2″ bore
  7. Pressure range : Starts from 500 PSI to 10000 PSI



  1. Multiple layers of reinforcement for added strength.
  2. Flexible structure with durability.
  3. Available Type: Reinforced, Corrugated, Coiled, Convulated.
  4. Materials used for construction withstand varying temperatures.