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pressure switches

Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are used in pneumatic systems to monitor pressure and provide an output when a specific pressure is achieved, as well as to improve operation and safety.

An air pressure switch is used to maintain constant pressure and can turn the compressor off once the tank reaches the required air pressure level. If the air pressure drops and more is required, the switch can also turn the compressor on.

Types of pressure switches:

There are two types available in the market:

Electromechanical pressure switch — These switches are commonly utilized in less complex activities since they are strong and simple. Electro-mechanical pressure switch features a rapid switching rate and comes in a variety of port sizes and pressure levels.
Electronic pressure switch – These are more resilient than mechanical pressure switch and are frequently employed in more complicated applications. These pressure switches, which provide an analog output option if needed, are perfect for applications that need high repeatability and precision.