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rack and pinion type pneumatic rotary actuator

Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

A Pneumatic Rotary Actuator uses compressed air to generate its opening energy. It consists of one or more air chambers with a piston or a bellows diaphragm. Depending on the design, the air pressure forces the piston or the diaphragm to move creating linear or rotary motion.

There are two types of pneumatic rotary actuators; Vane, Rack and Pinion type.

A vane actuator consists of a vane mounted on a central shaft enclosed in a cylindrical chamber. The vane rotates upon pressurization and continues to rotate until it reaches the end of the stroke. Air pressure applied to the other side of the vane causes it to rotate the shaft in the opposite direction.

Rack and pinion actuators are mechanical devices used to automatically open and close valves.

These actuators comes in various sizes and has different rotating angles.