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modular frl unit | filter regulator and lubricator

Modular FRL Unit (Filter Regulator and Lubricator)

Filter Regulator Lubricators (FRLs) take what can be dirty and wet air from a compressor and make it safe for use throughout the other parts of a compressed air system, which can be sensitive to contamination. First, the air-line filter traps solid particles like dust, dirt, and rust while separating water and oil. Removing these contaminants from a pneumatic system helps protect the other downstream components like the regulator, lubricator, directional control valves, and cylinders.

Some combination of filter, regulator and lubricator units can be found on nearly all air tools, pneumatic systems, and air-powered equipment. Clean, properly lubricated air at the right pressure is essential to the working life of a compressed air system.

We offer a comprehensive range of Pneumatic FRL units, available with modular designs, filter regulators, and lubricator units. Our Modular FRL units are robust in design, construction and are ideal to be used in tough working conditions. Modular units also enable an easy assembly to combine pneumatic filters, air lubricators, pneumatic regulators, and air relief valves. Modular assembly brackets are required for this. 


Features of Modular FRL Unit:

  1. A better view of pressure control gauges.
  2. Improved visibility of lubricant drip.
  3. Easy installation procedure.
  4. The operability of float-type auto drain is excellent.
  5. Comes in various sizes as per need and can be combined in 2pcs design and 3pcs design as well.

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