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Solenoid Coils

Solenoid coils are a popular electrical component that generates an electromagnetic field by tightly wrapping a wire around a core, usually made of metal. The electromagnetic field formed when an electrical current is fed through the coil provides energy for linear motion. One of the most basic types of linear actuation devices is the solenoid coil.

Solenoid coils are flexible instruments that can be found in a wide range of applications, including manufacturing machines, toys, appliances, and many types of automated equipment. They are typically used to switch an application on or off automatically. As voltage passes over the coil, a movable armature is energized, causing the armature to increase its linkage and activate whatever it is attached to.

Solenoid coils are used in a wide range of industrial operations; some are an integral part of locking mechanisms, while others are the heart of automated production equipment. In most cases, hydraulic and pneumatic valves are activated using a solenoid coil for industrial application.


Features of Solenoid Coils:

  1. Reduce Battery Drain
  2. Reduce Wiring Cost
  3. Reduce Temperature Rise
  4. Energy Savings
  5. Improve Valve Performance at High Pressure
  6. Low Wattage

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