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stainless steel needle valve

Needle Valves

Needle valves, sometimes referred to as plunger valves, are regulating valves and enable engineers to finely control and regulate water flow and pressure.

The precision is achieved through the fine movement of the shaft, which enables the gearbox to move the piston tube in sliding motion towards opening or closing position, depending on the requirements from the control system.

Where to use plunger/needle valves?

Needle and plunger valves can be used in many different applications with a need for flow or pressure regulation. In water treatment and distribution, dams, reservoirs, power plants, and industry needle valve is e.g. used for:

  1. Flow control
  2. Pressure regulation
  3. Pump start
  4. Turbine by-pass
  5. Discharge
  6. Reservoir inlets
  7. Air regulation