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Semi Lift Diaphragm Operated Solenoid Valves (NC / NO)

The qualities of direct and indirect solenoid valves are combined in semi lift diaphragm operated solenoid valves. This allows them to function with zero pressure while maintaining a high flow rate. They have a moveable membrane with a tiny opening and pressure chambers on both sides, similar to indirect valves. The solenoid plunger is directly attached to the membrane in this case.

Features of Semi Lift Diaphragm Operated Solenoid Valves:

  1. Pipe (Inch): 1/2″ to 2″
  2. Orifice: 12 – 46.50 mm
  3. Operating Pressure: 0 – 10 bar 
  4. End Connection: Screwed / Flange 
  5. Body Material: CF8
  6. Media: Air, Water, Chemical, Gas, Oil, Steam, LPG
  7. Main Features: Internal Parts are in superior corrosion resistance steel, (Equivalent to SS316L) Suitable for Food Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical applications & Highly corrosive environments.

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