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Pilot Operated Diaphragm Solenoid Valve (NC / NO)

The inbuilt solenoid pilot operator controls the pilot operated diaphragm solenoid valve. When the valve is activated, trapped air above the pulse valve diaphragm is swiftly drained, forcing the main diaphragm valve to open quickly. When the pilot valve is turned off, air flows through the bleed hole of the main pulse valve, balancing the diaphragm pressure and closing the valve instantaneously.

Features of Pilot Operated Diaphragm Solenoid Valve:

  1. Pipe (Inch): 1/2″ to 3″
  2. Orifice: 17 – 72 mm
  3. Operating Pressure: 0.5 – 20 bar 
  4. End Connection: Screwed / Flange 
  5. Body Material: CF8
  6. Media: Air, Water, Chemical, Gas

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