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flexible coolant pipe

Flexible Coolant Pipe

Flexible Coolant Pipe are adjustable and specially designed to allow coolant flow right on the tool.

This can be used in many applications, namely those which require when lubrication, precise suction of fluids or dust particles, or the maintaining of a certain temperature.

These Coolant pipes also comes with a magnetic base and are also available with Y connection.

The pipes comes in different nozzle types like round, Flat and Round with Valve. .


Features of Flexible Coolant Pipe:

  1. Body : Thermoplastic Nylon
  2. Media : Air, Water, Coolants, etc.
  3. Weight : Light weighted as compared to metal hoses
  4. Optional Feature : These are even available with Valves for Open & Close control
  5. Strength : High Impact Strength
  6. Flexibility : Can be adjusted at any length
  7. Advantage : Resistant to abrasion and vibration