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Angle Seat Valve with Plastic Operator

Angle seat valves are pneumatically operated piston valves that operate in two directions. The piston actuator lifts the seal off its seat in a linear motion.

The flow is barely obstructed in the open position due to the tilt of the seat, resulting in a great flow rate and minimum pressure loss. Liquids, gases, steam, vacuum, and even aggressive fluids are all regulated by them.

Even at zero differential pressures, they can work with high temperatures and high viscosity media. Angle seat valves are popular for tough applications due to their sturdy construction and long cycle life.

As a result, they are suitable long-term replacements for ball valves. These valves are also viable replacements for solenoid valves, particularly in a dirty, viscous medium, where traditional solenoid valves would fail.

They can be operated in either a single acting or double acting arrangement, which affects the pressure rating.

Features of Angle Seat Valves with Plastic Operator:

  1. Convertible from Single Acting to Double Acting.
  2. Lubricated air is not essential
  3. Multiple functions with the same operator – NC / NO / Bi-Directional.
  4. Flow direction below or above the seat.
  5. Rotatable Operator – 360 degree
  6. Transparent dome for visual valve open indication.
  7. Media: Steam, Air, Water, Chemical, Gases, Oil, Diesel, Hot Water.
  8. Application: Steam, Autoclave and Sterilizer, Ink and Paint dispensing, Industrial compressor bottling and dispensing equipment, textile dyeing and drying, and pharmaceutical.


Valve Information

  1. Port: 1/2″ to 2-1/2″
  2. End connection: Screwed, Flanged, Tri-Clamp
  3. Body Material: SS304 (CF8)
  5. Working Pressure Range: 3.5 to 8 Bar